June 20-22, 2024 • Fort Worth Convention Center • 2024 updates will be available soon, Older 2023 information is available for reference only.
TowXpo - Fort Worth Exhibits
TowXpo is an industry-wide event where towing and recovery professionals get to meet and talk with major manufacturers of wreckers, carriers, trailers, truck chassis and offers all the tools and equipment towers need to be successful.

Attendees will be able to meet with major motor club representatives, dispatch systems providers, GPS companies and equipment finance sources. They will also be able to see the latest in safety apparel and equipment. 

American Towman Conferences feature towing and recovery experts from a wide range of industry specialties with a wealth of knowledge and experience. From business operations and staff training to working with your local police and municipalities, digital marketing and better profit margins, there's something to be gained for everyone in these conferences.

When the workday is done, there's plenty of relaxation and fun to be had. 10 Gallon Gala features casino games and a delicious meal. The Big Smoke is great way to catch up with friends and kick back with a fine cigar and a drink. There's something for everyone at the towing industry's favorite summer break at TowXpo.
Exhibit Hours:

Hours available soon

Fort Worth Convention Center
Western heritage and hospitality meets modern culture and sophistication in this fast-growing metropolitan city that boasts one of the most walkable downtowns in the U.S., a renowned cultural arts district and a historic Stockyards district.

• 25 minutes from DFW International Airport
• Located in the heart of downtown
• Free transportation throughout downtown on Molly the Trolley
• Surrounded by first-class hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries and performance venues

1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Fort Worth Houston Street & Stock Yards
Discover the Modern West
Fort Worth  is the 12th-largest city in the United States, known for Texas hospitality and a dozen remarkable districts full of culture and fun. The historic western Stockyards featuring the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive and Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest honky-tonk and the new Mule Alley, as well as a connected downtown with the 35-block Sundance Square entertainment district. You can visit the stunning museums of the Cultural District, the Botanic Garden and nearby Fort Worth Zoo.

• Relax in Sundance Square Plaza under the enormous umbrellas, grab a bite to eat on a patio or take a selfie in front of the whimsical water fountains.
•See a performance in the acoustically perfect Bass Performance Hall, known for its towering angels carved in limestone.
•Located in Sundance Square, the Sid Richardson is a free museum that showcases the art of the American West.
•Explore the gorgeous Fort Worth Water Gardens, a refreshing urban oasis next to the Fort Worth Convention Center.
•Visit the JFK Tribute in General Worth Square, which honors President Kennedy’s historic stay in Fort Worth.
•Take a break in Burnett Park or Hyde Park – home of the sleeping panther.
•Hop aboard Molly the Trolley, a bus service that circulates between downtown hotels and hot spots.

Once home to cowboys, cattlemen and outlaws, today the Stockyards National Historic District is one of the most popular attractions in Texas. Day and night, visitors come to the Stockyards to get a taste of the true American West.
American Towman In-Depth Conferences
No one does educational conferences like American Towman. Get in on these in-depth Intelligence Briefings critical to a Commander In Chief of an emergency road service operation. Learn from industry leaders about crucial issues in managing a towing business.

CARTE BLANCHE PASSPORT: Access into all American Towman Conference-Seminars,
$150 with advance registration. $225 after July 11.

Towmen team up in the classroom in groups of three to collaborate on the approach and implementation of a recovery for a specific incident. Fifteen minutes into the deliberation something unexpected happens and the team must adjust its approach. Two challenging scenarios are presented. Each team is graded on its response. Those receiving a passing grade will be sent an American Towman War Games Certificate. Everyone participating receives an exclusive War Games pin.
James Bennett Jr. Beard’s Towing. Saturday, July 15, 11 am - 12:30 pm

Running Hard With Family in Tow
Are you raising young children and feeling like something is missing? Is your work-life balance out of alignment? Being a parent is hard enough but when you add in the stress of being part of a towing family it can become overwhelming. Join Brian and Michelle as they draw from decades of experience raising their families and running successful towing companies.
Brian J Riker, American Towman and Michelle Sukow HDM Truck Center. Friday, July 14, 8 am

Effective Lockout Techniques
Explores How To Safely Unlock Vehicles. Techniques Focus On Damage Prevention And Explain Key Tool Types.
Sam Flores, AAA Texas. Friday, July 14 8 am

A Safe and EV Fire Compliant Vehicle Storage Facility
A coming storm involves the electric vehicle(EV). A damaged EV can spontaneously ignite anytime up to 45 days after an accident. Know, understand and prepare your facility to minimize this hazard. Since vehicle operating fluids (VOFs) are regulated wastes, understand how good housekeeping practices can eliminate fines and pollution from the damaged vehicle stored at your facility.
Ed Grubbs & Jim Figueira, Environmental Chemical Solutions. Friday, July 14, 10 am

Marijuana and the Truck Driver, When Is Zero Really Not Zero?
With the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and derivative products like CBD oils positive drug tests among commercial drivers has spiked. Join Brian Riker as he digs into why this is happening to good drivers, both CDL and non-cdl, and how a driver can end up with a positive drug test and a driving disqualification without realizing they are doing anything wrong.
Brian J Riker, American Towman. Saturday, July 15, 8 am

Building your Files to Maximize Payment on Heavy-Duty IM Tows and Recoveries
The work on getting heavy duty towing, recovery, and HAZMAT bills paid begins the moment you get the call. This seminar will discuss how to build your files and document your work in order to substantiate the work you performed and maximize payment. It will cover IM towing fees, where such fees should be documented, how those fees should be charged, photography, insurance research, documents to obtain at the crash scene, and much more.
Brian E. Walters, The Walters Firm PLLC. Friday, July 14, 9 am

Notice Letters, Public Sales, and the Law of Heavy-Duty IM Towing
Lawsuits over sold vehicles and storage fee disputes have massively increased in Texas over the past year. This seminar will review and discuss recent cases analyzing notice letter requirements, the law of "public sales" (a.k.a. vehicle storage facility foreclosures), possessory / VSF liens, and the cases discussing heavy duty towing. This will include some of the cases that Mr. Walters has personally handled as well as cases that discuss heavy duty towing and recoveries.
Brian E. Walters, The Walters Firm PLLC. Friday, July 14, 10 am - 11:30 am

We Never thought It Could Happen To Us, Until It Did. Tow Operator Line Of Duty Death
Mack Parks talks about losing an employee in the line of duty. What steps need to be taken to protect your business and the family. Changing laws to prevent another tragedy after facing it first hand.
Mack Parks, Red Beard’s Towing. Thursday, July 13, 3 pm

A Chain Is Only As Strong As It’s Weakest Link
The old adage “A Chain is Only as Strong as It’s Weakest Links” is absolutely true. Choosing the appropriate chain for a specific application is required to safely perform towing or recovery operations. The National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) has developed standards for the chain manufacturing industry that requires grading and labeling. Terminology, identification , working load limits, connecting links, and proper inspection are some of the topics discussed in this seminar.
Terry Abejuela, American Towman. Friday, July 14, 8 am

De-Escalation Prevention Techniques
Fact: Dealing with angry customers is a process towers aren’t trained for. Never before has the topic of, “De-Escalation Prevention Techniques”, been formally discussed in tow-seminar settings. With high-profile acts of violence that recur against tow operators, repo agents and tow staff working vehicle releases, this topic is both significant and timely as seen on industry forums.
Randall Resch, American Towman Magazine. Friday, July 14, 11 am

Accident Remediation – Provide and Bill for Environmental Services for Vehicle Fluid Cleanup
The incident management tower (IMT) is required to cleanup the vehicle operating fluids (VOFs) released at a traffic collision (TC). The cleanup materials used to pick up these VOFs are classified as hazardous wastes and must be handled according to law. Know and understand the regulations surrounding the proper handling and disposal, what the insurer needs to see to pay for these services, and how to properly cleanup a scene to minimize stormwater pollution.
Ed Grubbs & Jim Figueira, Environmental Chemical Solutions. Saturday, July 15, 9 am

Snatch Blocks 101
Most tow truck operators know that snatch blocks are used to reduce line tension and or change the direction of the pull. But do you really understand how they work? Are you able to calculate line loads? Do you know the difference between a simple and a compound layout? Are you able to determine snatch block loads? This seminar will cover the information you need to know to answer these questions when designing your rigging plan for a recovery.
Terry Abejuela, American Towman. Saturday, July 15, 9 am

Risk Management and On-Scene Safety
Presented by veteran towers and American Towman’s, industry (safety) advocates, Randall Resch and Brian Riker; join us in this photo infused seminar focusing on what repeated causes result in tow operator fatalities.
Randall Resch & Brian Riker, American Towman. Saturday, July 15, 10 am

Electrocution Hazards at Crash Scenes
Discusses electrocution hazards when recovering vehicles at crash scenes that involve roadway infrastructure such as; light poles, traffic signal control boxes, etc...
Bobby Tuttle, CIRT. Saturday, July 15, 11 am

Safety, Tech tools, Insurance Requirements & Cost Reduction
For several years the insurance coverage costs for tow truck operators has been on a drastic rise. There are several reasons for this which come from losses in the Insurance Industry due to their inability to control costs and the necessity for towing companies to do everything possible to avoid being excessively charged. In this seminar we’ll explore an in depth look at what countermeasures are available and how to apply them.
Scott Watkins, Mobile Video. Saturday, July 13, 8 am

Tow Marketing & Advertising Tips
Better online visibility, more cash calls. Learn proven marketing strategies that can help you grow your business online. The team at OMG Tow Marketing will give tips and tricks to help take your online presence to the next level.
Jared Fischgrund & Chris Blake, OMG Tow Marketing. Friday, July 14, 9 am

Have You Ever Wondered if Your Dispatch Captures All the Opportunities When the Phone Rings?
You know, making sales. Learn how to make more sales, measure your dispatch so you can make more sales. How tone, empathy, and engagement can help your dispatch get off the phone quicker and, that’s right, make more sales. How to sell the price shopper. (it’s a million-dollar idea) Learn how STEEP can improve your client's satisfaction with your company.
Mike Porter, TDR Way. Friday, July 14, 9 am

How Towing & Recovery Business Owners Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits & Save Thousands in Taxes
Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools you can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind.
Dale West, American Society for Asset Protection. Friday, July 14, 10 am

How to Increase Your Profits Presentation
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the dashboard of your business. But to use these effectively you must understand what they are and how you analyze them correctly. Once you have learned how to do this you will be able to increase your sales and profits.
David Saline, DRIVE. Saturday, July 15, 8 am

What Google Wants From You
Learn what the current demands are to rank well in search, advertise efficiently, earn reviews, and increase your cash call leads throughout your service area.
Kevin McMillan, Lift Marketing Group. Saturday, July 15, 10 am

Winning Growth Strategies for Private Property Parking Management
Best practices in integrating Permitting and Enforcement – from organizing for success, to penetrating attractive market segments, to delivering superior value to multi-family communities and owners of downtown lots, to achieving high operational productivity.
Jim Shellhaas, Ranger SST. Saturday, July 15, 10 am

Independent Courses/Meetings/Workshops
American Towman Quick Clearance Certification Course
Arm your company and its tow operators with accepted quick clearance methods, on-scene incident management preparation, essential communications with police and fire command. Test follow 3 hours course, require for American Towman Quick Clearance certification card.

Independent Course - $75/person; OR $150 after July 11. Save $75 by registering now.
Saturday, July 15, 8 am – 11 am

Ron Myers • Pine Tree Towing & Recovery, Association of Professional Towers of Ohio
Ron Myers is an award-winning towing and recovery plus transport specialist, with more than 35 years of experience. He is an active Operations Manager of Pine Tree Towing and Recovery in Cambridge, Ohio. Through many formal training and certification classes, including Wreckmaster 2/3, 4/5, multiple rotator trainings, air cushion recovery techniques and safety, and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training, including the SHRP2 Train-the-Trainer, he is recognized as a professional tower and as an expert witness in towing related procedures and pricing. He is an active instructor for Quick Clear and TIM principles and procedures. Myers attends several towing conventions across the U.S. annually to gather industry information and stay abreast of new trends, equipment, and safety programs. He was one of only nine towers in the United States that attended the TIM Federal Highway symposium, as well as the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention, in 2016. Myers serves as President and founding member of Quick Clear Professionals of Ohio, as well as a member of the Towing & Recovery Association of America’s TIM Committee. He is also a founding member and current board member for the Association of Professional Towers – Ohio. Myers currently serves on ODOT’s Quick Clear Steering Committee.
John Borowski • American Towman
John Borowski was Vice President of Tow Industry Programs for AutoReturn. John has over 50 years experience as a tow business owner, wrecker manufacturer specialist, trainer, writer and presenter. He was awarded the first “Towman of the Year” by American Towman magazine and two Towman Medals for heroism. He was inducted in the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in 2001. He is also the Safety Editor for American Towman.
Recovery Business Success
Presented by: John Borowski, American Towman, Ron Myers, Pine Tree Towing. A special three-hour course geared towards the business end of recovery. Three crucial steps for recovery business success will be covered: Documenting the Recovery; Billing the Recovery; and Collecting on the Recovery Invoice.

Independent Course - $250/person; OR $350 after July 11. Save $100 by registering now
Friday, July 14, 9 am - 12:30 pm

Alternative Fuel Vehicles - A Continuing Course of Safety
What you need to know as a tower is this alternative world and the dangers involved. Certificated class.

Independent Course - $55/person; OR $105 after July 11.
John Borowski, American Towman. Thursday, July 13, 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Work Smarter Not Harder
Become the True Executive of Your Business

Presenter: Jim Saeli

Length: This is a one-day, six-hour workshop.

To learn the key components for owning and managing a tow business and an auto repair shop with the goal of more profits and greater freedom for the business owner and their family.

• Owner’s vision compared with the current scene.
• Owner’s job and responsibilities.
• The Stages of a business and what they mean for success.
• KPI management and managing trends of the business.
• The crucial areas of the business and how each fit in with greater profits.
• Marketing actions that each business owner needs to take in today’s digital environment:
o Digital advertising.
o Websites and why an attractive up-to-date site is vital for any business.
o Social Media – the various platforms and how to manage. Consistency is key!
o EDDM/postcards.
o Traditional marketing actions that still need to be enacted.
• Recruiting and hiring – why it’s important to never stop recruiting.
• Finances, profit & loss.
• Production and why it’s important to always keep your eye on this key area.
• Employee Management – get and keep a great team!
• Using Playbooks and why this should be considered the ‘blue print’ of your business.

Expected Result:
A business owner who has the knowledge and tools to successfully increase profits and create greater freedom for both the business and their family.

Attendees bring to the workshop:
• Production and sales graphs.
• Current P&L.
• As an added bonus, anyone attending the DRIVE Work Smarter Not Harder event will also receive a 30-minute meeting with a DRIVE Business Consultant. During this one-on-one on the spot meeting, your business will be analyzed with key areas of your business discussed.

Independent Workshop - $195/person; OR $295 after July 11. Includes Lunch.
Thursday, July, 13, 9 am – 12 noon (Part I)
Thursday, July 13, 1 pm - 4 pm (Part II)

Presented by:

Southwest Tow Operators Legislative Conference
Who Should Attend: Tow business owners from Texas (but open to all)

With the 88th Legislation Session approaching upon us it is important to take part in this year's Legislative Conference. This is the time to let your Association leaders know what legislative issues are important to your business. Get involved so that we can keep our industry strong!

Come learn what critical issues we face this session and what you can do to help fight for PRO-INDUSTRY bills. Don't think your voice at the capitol doesn't matter. When we visit the capitol, the representatives TAKE NOTICE. It is critical that we make our voice heard. PLEASE DON'T sit back and expect others to do the work.

Don't miss this opportunity to be heard. Your voice matters!

Saturday, July 15, 8:30 am - 11:00 am
Training & Hands-On Education
The nation's top trainers are here at TowXpo to provide the best learning experience in these areas:
• CIRT Heavy-duty Training / Level B
• WreckMaster Rotator Training
• ERSCA Advanced Winching and Rigging
• Southwest Tow Operators TDLR Approved Classes
• Certification Testing

CIRT Heavy-Duty Training / Level B
$595 - ($695 after July 11);

Thursday, July 13, 8 am – 5 pm (includes lunch); 
CIRT Heavy-Duty Training Course / Level B: Part I 8-hours Classroom: Training on Towing & Recovery Techniques by CIRT Instructor Bobby Tuttle, Lunch & Passport Included

Friday, July 14, 8 am – 12 noon
CIRT Heavy-Duty Training Course / Level B Hands-On: Part II 4-hours Hands-On: Location: 1653 Houston Rd, Burleson, TX 76028 (Shuttle Provided)

by CIRT Instructor Bobby Tuttle

Classroom topics include:
• Critical Roadway & Scene Safety Tactics
• General Tow Truck Ratings
• Equipment Ratings: Chain, Nylon Rigging, Wire Rope, Winch
• Various Heavy Duty Towing Techniques
• Techniques for Air Brake Release & Driveline Removal
• Recovery: Winching Resistance, Anchoring, Snatch Blocks, Attachment Points

Classroom instruction includes:
• Demonstration Props
• Attendee Handbooks
• Certificate of Completion
• Door Prizes
• Q & A

Hands-on techniques include:
• Proper Attachment and Rigging for Recovery
• Rig and Perform Upright of Overturned Vehicle

WreckMaster Rotator Training
Industry's Premier Rotator Training with WreckMaster Instructors: Casey Burrows & Bear Godfrey. 12 Hours.

$695 – ($795 after July 11);

Part I • Thursday, July 13
8 am - 5 pm (8 Hours Classroom Includes Lunch)

Part II • Friday, July 14
8 am - 12 Noon (4 Hours Hands-On)
Location: 1653 Houston Rd, Burleson, TX
Shuttle Provided
Fee also includes Carte Blanche Passport

• Introduction of Lead Instructor, assistances and students
• Set Course goals and objectives
• Overview of WreckMaster program

• Positioning the truck
• Leveling the truck
• Recommended distances- Utilities Overhead & Underground
• Recommended cribbing
• Safety in General
• Calculating Out-rigger Loads

• Determining the weight
• Shock Loads
• Cause and effect of tipping
• Determining the COG “Center of Gravity”

• Calculating “Load Capacity”
• Calculating “Boom Top Load”

• General overview
• Wire Rope, Synthetic & Chain Bridles
• Calculating Bridle Leg Lengths
• Calculating Bridle Leg Loads
• Selecting the Correct Rigging for the job

• PPE “Personal Proction Equipment”
• Operator Training
• Rigging Training
• Site Supervisor Training

ERSCA Advanced Winching and Rigging
$295 - ($350 after July 11)

Thursday, July 13, 1 pm – 5 pm

A 4Hrs classroom of intensive training course presented by ERSCA. Instructor, Shane Coleman.
Course will apply to all levels of operator experience and duty- status (Light, Medium, Heavy). Focusing on safety and performance, attendees will address and task real-world scenarios. Resistance, winch performance, winching systems, and knowledge in rigging deployment essentials will be focal points for tasking today's jobs, effectively and efficiently.

TDLR Approved Courses
Conducted by Southwest Tow Operators (STO)
CE Provider #1616
Contact STO Directly: 972-247-9454 to Register

Available Courses:

Friday, July 14, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
TDLR "STO CE 4 Hour Advanced Course" #26742
$75.00 member, $100.00 non-member  
If you are renewing your TDLR CT or PP license, or if you are renewing your 2nd+ year IM license, you will need to take this 4-Hour CE course. Must have TDLR number in order to take this course.

Friday, July 14, 8:30 am- 5:00 pm
TDLR "STO Incident Management 8 Hour Course" #26743
$175.00 member, $225.00 Non Member 
The 8 Hour Course is for the 1st year's renewal requirement for an IM License.  Must have TDLR number in order to take this course.

Saturday, July 15, 1 pm - 3 pm
Southwest Tow Operators Certification Testing for IM or PP License
$75.00 Members, $100.00 non-member 
Must take Certification Testing BEFORE being eligible for an IM or PP license.

Allstate Roadside Safety and Information Series
Allstate Roadside will present informational sessions led by industry experts. During exposition hours, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and skills by attending presentations on topics including growing your business, becoming a “Next Level Operator,” technical updates from General Motors, and electric vehicle best practices.

Friday, July 14, 2023
Time Safety and Technical Sessions Presenter
12 noon Light Duty Solutions from a Highline Tower

Shawn Sowden discusses the latest Ferrari technical information and how to create a problem-solving mindset.
Shawn Sowden
1 pm 2023 GM Vehicle Updates Session #1

Paul Stephens presents the latest technical information and how to best service GM Vehicles.
Paul Stephens
2 pm EV Solutions for Towers 1

Class 1 of 2: Paul Stephens talks about what operators should know when transporting electric vehicles.
Paul Stephens
3 pm Windshield Wisdom

Brian Riker, your D.O.T. Guy, answers your questions about some of your responsibilities as a tow operator.
Brian Riker
Saturday, July 15, 2023
Time Safety and Technical Sessions Presenter
12 noon Windshield Wisdom

Brian Riker, your D.O.T. Guy, answers your questions about some of your responsibilities as a tow operator.
Brian Riker
1 pm EV Solutions for Towers 2

Class 2 of 2: Paul Stephens continues where he left off, talking about what operators should know when transporting electric vehicles.
Paul Stephens
2 pm 2023 GM Vehicle Updates Session #2

Paul Stephens presents the latest technical information and how to best service GM Vehicles.
Paul Stephens
3 pm Pro 2 Pro Next Level

Shawn Sowden answers your questions about what it takes to develop yourself as an operator or owner.
Shawn Sowden
TowXpo Events
Towers work hard and play hard. TowXpo offers plenty of time to have fun after a day of working. Check out The Big Smoke VIP cigar smoker, Masters of Chaos Dinner, and 10 Gallon Gala.

Masters of Chaos Dinner
Dinner celebrating towmen skilled in quick clearance and recovery.

Attendees receive a commemorative "Masters of Chaos" pin at the dinner. The dinner is open to all show attendees.

Thursday, July 13, 6:30 pm. Reception, 7 pm - 9 pm Dinner. Hilton Fort Worth, 815 Main St, Room Crystal A, 2nd floor. All Towers Welcome!

Ticket Price: Adult $85 pp & Kids $55 pp

Sponsored by:

Silver Sponsors:

The Big Smoke - VIP Smoker
Join us for a relaxing night where you can network and kick back with fellow towers and friends to enjoy great premium cigar & drink!

Friday, July 14, 8 pm - 10 pm; $30pp

Location: Winchester Tavern, 903 Throckmorton Street Fort Worth, TX 76107

10 Gallon Gala - Casino Night
Join in all of the fun!

Towers take their chances while playing for a cash pot in the annual Ten-Gallon Casino Night. "Gamblers" from all over the Southwest flock to this event. Get yer loaded dice and marked poker cards ready! Just kidding, pardner! But seriously, this event is not to be missed! Yee-haw!

Participate in the 10 Gallon Raffle for the chance to win incredible prizes!

Friday, July 14, 5 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Fort Worth Convention Center - Concourse level

Co-Sponsored by:

Raffle Donations provided by:

Bites & Brew
Saturday, July 15, 3:30 pm

Co-Sponsored by:

Kids Korral
Join in all of the fun!

TowXpo is a family affair. The Kids Korral area sponsored by GEICO is set up on the show floor to accommodate all the children who want to color, get their very own balloon animal "pet", or have their faces painted. It's a great spot for the kids to have fun… and the grown-ups, too!

Location: On the Show Floor during Exhibit Hall hours.

Sponsored by GEICO

Click the menu items to see more information about each event.

USA Wrecker Pageant
World-Class Wreckers Compete

The towing industry's most amazing wreckers compete. Pageant contestants vie for the Cup in several categories.

The spectacle of the world’s finest wreckers at the USA Wrecker Pageant is a great experience. Competition will also include a “Best In Show” winner as voted by attendees!! Each person will receive a voting ballot at registration and attendees are welcome to review all the trucks in the pageant area then cast their vote for their top choice at the Voting Booth.

Then come to the Winner’s Ceremony to see who captures the trophies!

For Truch Wash Information Click Here.

Thurs., July 13, 8 am to 5 pm - All Wrecker Pageant trucks.

Hotels/Travel • Hotel update - NEW HOTEL - June 23rd
Hilton Hotel - Headquarters Hotel

815 Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Only 1 Minute walking till the Convention Center • Price : $182
Free WiFi, fitness center, overnight parking discount.

Click here to book online
Discount Deadline: June 27th

Aloft Fort Worth

334 W 3rd Street, Fort Worth, TX

0.4 miles / 8 min. walk to Fort Worth Convention Center • Price: $145 Standard
Free WiFi, fitness center, indoor pool, restaurant, convenience store.

Click here to book online
Discount Deadline: June 11th

Embassy Suites

600 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX

.3 miles / 6 min. walk to Fort Worth Convention Center • Price: $179 2 room suite
each adult after 2 is an additional $10/night
Free continental breakfast & complimentary evening reception, free Wi-Fi, indoor pool, fitness center, restaurant.

Click here to book online
Discount Deadline: June 12th

Hampton Inn & Suites

1001 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX

Across the street from Fort Worth Convention Center • Price: $125
Free hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi in room & lobby, indoor pool, fitness center.

Click here to book online
Discount Deadline: June 11th

Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Worth Downtown/Convention Center

1010 Houston Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Across the street from Fort Worth Convention Center • Price: $164
Valet parking service only at $36 per night. Oversized vehicle cost is $50.
Free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, business center, fitness center, pet friendly.

Click here to book online
Book by: 07/07/23

American Towman Legion
As an attendee you earn a merit-based membership in the American Towman Legion, no fees or strings attached.

Travel Discounts
Click Here for Travel Discounts

For show information please contact: 800-732-3869
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